Disastrous Decisions

Sex Tape, new today on the Kaleidescape Store, isn’t the first time we’ve seen Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and director Jake Kasdan work together. In 2011 they teamed up to bring us Bad Teacher, a featured title in our current collection, “Disastrous Decisions.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz plays a gold-digging elementary school teacher out to find her meal ticket. She sets her sights on a nebbish substitute teacher played by Justin Timberlake, whom she believes to be the heir of a large family fortune.

Cameron Diaz,Justin Timberlake

She tries to use her feminine charms and lack of ethics to gain his attention, but instead provokes the smart-mouthed gym teacher, played by Jason Segel.

Cameron Diaz,Jason Segel

If you like irreverent comedy, Bad Teacher is for you. Check out this and other great titles in our “Disastrous Decisions” Collection, on sale now for just $4.95 Blu-ray quality / $2.95 DVD quality.

Disatrous Decisions

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