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Explore the “New” Kaleidescape Store


The Kaleidescape Store has undergone a complete makeover, and here we offer a tour of some of the most exciting changes. A New Look Our whole look has shifted to align with the visual experience you have while using your

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Blu-ray Quality Upgrades


As technologies continue to evolve have you replaced your laser discs and VHS tapes with DVDs, only to replace them again with the Blu-ray version? Do you sometimes feel bamboozled by having to re-purchase your movies at full price over and over

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Kaleidescape Scripts Make You the Director

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One of my favorite features available on Premiere Line systems is scripts. Scripts allow you to string together play items, like scenes, songs, special features or trailers into a customized playlist. Any content on your system can be used, and there

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Hidden Gems in the Kaleidescape iPad App


The Kaleidescape iPad App offers a long list of features, including searching by director or cast, Common Sense Media and Rotten Tomatoes ratings and an integrated controller, to name a few. Below are some “hidden gems” in the app that

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Covers View in the Kaleidescape App for iPad

2-3-2014 10-34-33 AM

Every week, we get emails from our customers and dealers around the world with requests for new features in our iPad app. One of the most requested features is one we have in our onscreen menu, but hadn’t yet implemented in

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A Look Inside Movie Guide: Kaleidescape Scenes


The triggers on the Kaleidescape System that enable instant start, Kaleidescape Scenes, songs and extras are not automatically generated. A team of dedicated Movie Guide Specialists view each disc and manually set the marks, known as bookmarks, that enable these features

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