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5 Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success


Today’s guest post is from our partners at Common Sense Media. We say this a lot, but we think it’s worth repeating: It’s important to get involved in your kids’ media lives–and your kids will love it too (within reason!). But

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The Lego Movie (Warner Bros. 2014)

lego 2

Everything is awesome! Particularly in the new Lego Movie. The movie is an elaborately constructed piece of animation that captures the realism of the toys so completely that at times you will find yourself thinking, wait, this is animated, right?

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Common Sense Media


Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing information about media for parents based on age appropriateness and learning potential. Their goal is to give you trustworthy information so that you can decide

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International Children’s Book Day


Today is International Children’s Book Day, a time to celebrate great works created for the young and young at heart. April 2nd was chosen to mark this day for young book lovers as it’s the same date as Hans Christian

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We talk a lot about how Kaleidescape is great for movie collectors, film buffs and A/V aficionados, but there’s a whole other demographic that our products are great for—kids. If there’s one thing to miss about your old VHS tapes

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Celebrating 75 Years

Ruby Slippers

75 years ago Dorothy first wished to go “somewhere over the rainbow,” then clicked her heels three times to come home. The magic and wonder of this Technicolor-soaked masterpiece has not lost one bit of its shine. This film is

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The Iron Giant (Warner Bros., 1999)


It’s not often that animated films with substance come along and when they do, for some reason, they often get overlooked. This is the case for The Iron Giant, a charming movie with a strong message at its core, yet

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