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10 Things You Might Not Know About Ghostbusters


1. The set of actors who could have appeared in the film includes John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, John Candy, Paul Reubens, Christopher Walken, John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Keaton and Sandra Bernhard. 2. All the marshmallow goo was actually

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Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow


“What I am about to tell you sounds crazy. But you have to listen to me…” This sci-fi thriller, originally known as Edge of Tomorrow, stars Oscar nominee Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Their onscreen chemistry is fun to watch and

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Explore the “New” Kaleidescape Store


The Kaleidescape Store has undergone a complete makeover, and here we offer a tour of some of the most exciting changes. A New Look Our whole look has shifted to align with the visual experience you have while using your

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Kaleidescape Welcomes Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


The Kaleidescape Store is proud to welcome Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, expanding our current catalog to over 6,000 titles. Recent hits like American Hustle, The Social Network, Captain Phillips, Zero Dark Thirty, Moneyball, Drive and The Artist.   A legacy of award-winning classics like Easy Rider,

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Against All Odds


When the odds are stacked against you, it becomes much harder to succeed. Add in an abusive warden, infected mutants and a rage-filled brother—it must be near impossible to make it. This week’s featured collection, “Against All Odds” is filled

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