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Blu-ray Quality Upgrades


As technologies continue to evolve have you replaced your laser discs and VHS tapes with DVDs, only to replace them again with the Blu-ray version? Do you sometimes feel bamboozled by having to re-purchase your movies at full price over and over

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The Lego Movie (Warner Bros. 2014)

lego 2

Everything is awesome! Particularly in the new Lego Movie. The movie is an elaborately constructed piece of animation that captures the realism of the toys so completely that at times you will find yourself thinking, wait, this is animated, right?

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Kaleidescape Scripts Make You the Director

due date

One of my favorite features available on Premiere Line systems is scripts. Scripts allow you to string together play items, like scenes, songs, special features or trailers into a customized playlist. Any content on your system can be used, and there

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Blade Runner—One Film. So many choices.


In 1982, my dad took me to the big new science fiction movie in theaters. It was stunning, confusing, and mind-blowing all at once. Based on the Phillip K. Dick novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was said

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Actor Spotlight: Sean Bean

64th Venice Film Festival : Far North - Premier - Day 2

Sean Bean is one of those actors we frequently see in films, whose performance we enjoy, but whose name is often overshadowed by a more prominent cast member. Since we appreciate an actor of his caliber, today’s Actor Spotlight is

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Kaleidescape’s Unique Offers & Upgrades


With a linked UltraViolet account, Kaleidescape Store customers have access to incredible offers, including downloads at no additional cost of previously purchased movies from other UltraViolet retailers like Vudu, Flixster or Target Ticket. This allows users to effortlessly consolidate their movie

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Defining Luxury

Defining Luxury

At Kaleidescape, we do not make the movie screen. We don’t make the seats, the projector, or the speakers. A home theater “works” without a Kaleidescape System, but it is not a luxurious experience. The seats may be comfortable, but

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New Customer Showcases


Today we unveiled an exciting new section to our website, Showcases. Read about how Kaleidescape has made life a lot sweeter for some of our happiest customers. Check back often as we will be rotating in new stories as they

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