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Her (Warner Bros., 2013)


Set in the near future, Her is the story of Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a professional intimate letter composer who develops a relationship with an artificially intelligent operating system named “Samantha” (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). In addition to running tasks

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Veronica Mars (Warner Bros., 2014)


Veronica Mars rose from the ashes of cancellation. When the critically acclaimed but under-watched TV series went off the air, fans were still clamoring for more. Last year, the show’s creator proposed using crowdsourcing to raise funds to bring a

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Common Sense Media


Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing information about media for parents based on age appropriateness and learning potential. Their goal is to give you trustworthy information so that you can decide

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High-Def Highpoints


One of the beauties of downloads purchased from the Kaleidescape Store is that they are delivered in the same bit-for-bit quality as the disc, so there is no compression, no loss of audio quality and no other compromise to the

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Pioneering Designers


Whether historical or futuristic, realistic or fantastical, great costumes come alive on the silver screen. While often overlooked, costume designers play a vital role in creating characters and establishing a film’s visual impact. The right wardrobe is critical to a

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Hidden Gems in the Kaleidescape iPad App


The Kaleidescape iPad App offers a long list of features, including searching by director or cast, Common Sense Media and Rotten Tomatoes ratings and an integrated controller, to name a few. Below are some “hidden gems” in the app that

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Why I Enjoy Kaleidescape by Leonard Maltin


The instant access that Leonard Maltin loves is precisely the type of luxury feature offered by Kaleidescape that once you experience, you can’t live without. The “Play Song” Feature Jump right to “Let It Go” and belt it out! Easy Access

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International Children’s Book Day


Today is International Children’s Book Day, a time to celebrate great works created for the young and young at heart. April 2nd was chosen to mark this day for young book lovers as it’s the same date as Hans Christian

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