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The Iron Giant (Warner Bros., 1999)


It’s not often that animated films with substance come along and when they do, for some reason, they often get overlooked. This is the case for The Iron Giant, a charming movie with a strong message at its core, yet

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Great Directors: Alfred Hitchcock


This week we are celebrating a pioneer in the art of cinema, Alfred Hitchcock, the mastermind behind such films as North by Northwest and Dial M for Murder. Hitchcock’s groundbreaking work in the suspense and psychological genres left a unique

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A Look Inside Movie Guide: Kaleidescape Scenes


The triggers on the Kaleidescape System that enable instant start, Kaleidescape Scenes, songs and extras are not automatically generated. A team of dedicated Movie Guide Specialists view each disc and manually set the marks, known as bookmarks, that enable these features

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A Streetcar Named Desire (Warner Bros., 1951)


A Streetcar Named Desire tells the story of an aging Southern belle who goes head-to-head with her brutish brother-in-law. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play by Tennessee Williams, the film garnered 12 Academy Award nominations. Marlon Brando plays the

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